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26 Oct 2016

Nail guns are very useful, convenient, and time-saving tools that can help you to accomplish any project easily, drive nails more precisely while cutting down the smashed figure rate that is caused by inappropriate hammer targeting. Nails guns are of many kinds and each of them is best suited for the specific job. You would not buy the right nail gun unless you do not know what type of nail gun you need for accomplishing the job more accurately. Read on to get a clear idea about different types of nail guns and their uses in handling any home improvement, remodeling, and construction project.

Framing Nailers

When it comes to selecting a nail gun for heavy duty work, a framing nailer can be your best choice. This type of nail guns have wonderful holding power and their2.8 mm nails can be used to nail in any type of wood, beams, and posts. Framing nailers are particularly of two types and are best suited for decks, fences, wooden siding, framing houses, and the projects involving plaster.

Brad Nailers

Brad nailers are perfect options for intricate woodworking task. Brad nails are almost invisible to the naked eyes and are hard to drive in using a hammer. This is why brad nailers become an essential tool for home renovation, woodworking, and making dollhouses. In short, brad nailers are great for the projects that do not require a great deal of holding power.

Finish Nailers

Finish nailers are also a great addition to your woodworking toolkit. As like brad nailers, this type of nailers also uses high gauge nails, however, the nails that are used with finish nailers are bit longer than those used with brand nails. Finish nailers are sturdy enough to handle large pieces of wood works such as crown molding, cabinets, baseboards, chair rails, caskets, paneling, millwork, decorative trim, and hardwood flooring.

Palm Nailers

As the name suggests, palm nailers are specifically designed to fit into the palm of your hand and are best for almost any kind of job in which you need to drive nails into small,tight, and hard to reach places. However, some of them are specifically designed for common remodeling and flooring work.

Flooring Nailers

Flooring nailers are perfect options for handling the hardwood floor installation work more precisely, accurately, and conveniently. They help in completing any hardwood flooring work more easily and efficiently. Apart from hardwood flooring, palm nailers are also great for working with both soft and hard wood.

Roofing Nailers

As the name implies, roofing nailers are great for handling any roofing work. This type of nailers is widely used by the professional for handling the works related with fiberglass and asphalt. Such type of nail guns is best suited for attaching shingles to houses.

Hope, this article will help you in choosing the right type of nail gun for your specific requirement. It is advised to visit only a reliable and renowned online supplier in order to buy only the best and high-performance nailers for your investment.


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